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"Buildings are like humans," explains Tony Goldman. "Each one has a different personality, depending on who has lived there and what has happened within its walls. And like every human being, every once in a while a building gets sick, the result of negligence, carelessness, obsolescence and abandonment. This sickness often infects the whole neighborhood."

That's where Goldman steps in. As a doctor of urban revitalization he has cured his patients with three medications: vision, personal care and adaptive reuse.

Take New York's Wall Street for example. The first generation of 100-year office buildings have aged, and since we don't have the same needs we had a century ago, these buildings are not geared for modern business practices. So what should we do? Should we just level these old buildings and build new ones?

Not in Goldman's opinion. "To start with, let's forget the bulldozer," insists Goldman. "These historic architectural landmarks were built to last. These buildings must be left in place. They help us to define our community and provide a key to our urban history."

Which is why Goldman Properties recycles buildings offering new uses, causing less physical disruption to community and offering affordable spaces for the new users.

In New York's Soho and Financial Districts, Goldman Properties has taken these empty buildings and converted them into spectacular full-floor live/work lofts. In Miami, he has given new life to the historic Art Deco jewels of South Beach and adapted them for hospitality, office, residential, parking and retail use. In Philadelphia he is breathing new life into Center City, scrubbing away the grime of neglect and creating beautiful residential lofts, exciting retail spaces and innovative restaurants.

The key to the cure is respect for our history, our community and our neighbors, and through adaptive reuse, Goldman Properties is helping to bring people back to the streets of New York, Miami and Philadelphia 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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