Philadelphia's Center City is now a major focus of Tony Goldman and the Goldman Properties team. Investing in 25 properties in the depressed area surrounding 13th street, Goldman envisions a total turnaround. But his plan is not to gentrify or sanitize the area, rather to bring it back to its former glory and celebrate the diversity of the neighborhood.

It is fitting that his first renovation was The Philadelphia Building, the centerpiece of this downtown area. The Goldman Properties Philadelphia office is located in this handsome building, and from there the team is overseeing the residential, retail and hospitality projects that are making this area such a desirable destination for young urbanites.

But this was a neighborhood with a need for an identity, and so B3 was born. B3 represents "Blocks Below Broad", its geographical position tucked below Broad Street. This branding will play a key part in making this area as recognizable as South Beach in Miami, or Soho in New York.

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