Art and Culture

The arts are integrated throughout the Goldman Properties Company and an unwavering support is what defines the company as a pillar of the arts community.

Goldman Properties has invited artists to New York, Philadelphia and Miami for the chance to work on monumental platforms of a public nature and has continued to support these artists in their own right.

With a strong focus on Street Art, Tony and Janet Goldman introduced a series of artists to the public and in turn the world. Many of these artists had not yet received acclaim or were not established in their own field. Tony and Janet encouraged and endorsed many an artist and in turn he championed a new career.

The Goldman Properties Arts Program searches out new and emerging artists of the Street Art genre and beyond, fostering careers and developing connections between art and public space.

The Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Walls is a creative oasis of the highest order. The worlds only outdoor street art museum, free to the public. Encompassing over 40 large and medium scale works by national and international street artists representing countries such as Brazil, Germany, Japan, the Ukraine, Greece, Spain and France.

Houston Bowery Wall

The Houston Bowery wall is the epitome of arts and culture working hand in hand to bring the spirit and energy of art to the people of the city of NewYork and to the streets that they walk on every day.

Goldman Global Arts

Goldman Global Arts was founded in August of 2015 by Jessica Goldman Srebnick and Peter Tunney to curate large, conceptual projects globally.

Collaborative Partners

What is a collaborative partner? The success of Goldman Properties has been in part to the people we have chosen to collaborate with. Those collaborations extend to original thinkers, risk takers, visionaries and those that encompass a passionate spirit for creative excellence.

Film Projects

Film has become an integral way in which society communicates. It can be an art form unto itself. Moving imagery can provide a depth of emotion and thought while archiving a moment in time. This is just the beginning of the Goldman Properties love affair with film.