Our Founder: Tony Goldman

Goldman Properties was the vision of one man, Tony Goldman, a modern American pioneer. Tony was an entrepreneur, a historic preservationist, a romantic and sensitive developer, a restaurateur, a hotelier and a patron of the arts. He had an unparalleled drive, a creative spirit that knew no boundaries and a deep devotion to family and friends. At the core, Tony was an artist. His canvas was the neglected urban neighborhoods of the United States which he transformed into thriving international destinations, his masterpieces. Above all he was an original, utterly fearless, thinker, dreamer and doer. He was a once in a lifetime individual. Tony Goldman died as he lived, with courage, dignity and love on September, 11th, 2012. Our world will never be the same, but he certainly left it much more beautiful and far richer for all.

History of Goldman Properties narrated by Tony Goldman

Tony is Here