For more than thirty years, Goldman Properties has recognized the value in depressed urban areas, created a vision of their future and rejuvenated them, transforming declining historical and arts districts into popular, thriving global destinations. Utilizing this approach, Tony Goldman was a driving force behind the transformation of the Upper West side, the Wall Street Financial District and Soho in New York City, the Art Deco District in Miami Beach, and Center City, in downtown Philadelphia.

Now Joey Goldman and his partner (and father) Tony Goldman are applying their vision and expertise to the Wynwood Arts District. They have acquired more than 20 commercial properties in this fringe neighborhood, between 23 - 28 Street and 2 - 5 Avenue, north of downtown Miami and south of the Miami Design District, and are building a bridge to the art world. Their plan is to transform the neighborhood into a 24/7, arts-oriented, urban pedestrian community and warehouse district, with old style artist's warehouse lofts, retail stores, galleries, showrooms and offices.

"We are orchestrating an innovative neighborhood for Wynwood, a Miami Warehouse District, with live/work artist's warehouse lofts, and are bringing in restaurants, including an Italian groceria, opening in the next few months, that we will operate to get the ball rolling, along with galleries, retail shops, and other amenities that will enhance the mix and spark the community's growth," notes Joey.

That vision has taken a huge leap forward with the recent announcement by Bonnie Clearwater, the director and curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), based in North Miami, that the highly esteemed cultural institution will open a satellite exhibition space, MOCA at Goldman Warehouse, located at 404 NW 26 Street, on December 1, 2005. The 12,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, climate controlled, Goldman Warehouse, former host to a plum group of modern abstract paintings, sculpture and photography from Janet and Tony Goldman's private collection, was donated to MOCA by Goldman Properties through the year 2009. This move will inevitably strengthen the bridge to the arts community already created by the Goldman Warehouse, which opened January 2005 with two blockbuster shows, and the many other art galleries that have taken up residence in this emerging arts district that is also home to the prominent art collections of Mera and Don Rubell and Martin Margulies.

Tony Goldman notes, "We hold in high esteem MOCA's contribution to the arts and cultural infrastructure of Greater Miami and feel privileged to contribute our unique exhibition space to MOCA, to further the outstanding artistic vision driven by its chief curator and director, Bonnie Clearwater, and her vital Board. Our vision of Wynwood as Greater Miami's central arts and entertainment district has taken a giant step forward with the opening of MOCA's satellite at Goldman Warehouse, in the heart of the district.

It is gratifying to us to know that our 12,000 square foot, state of the art facility will more than double the exhibition and storage space of this landmark contemporary art institution."

MOCA, Miami-Dade County's only museum devoted solely to contemporary art, has an outstanding international reputation and has played a major role in the development and recognition of Miami's burgeoning art scene. It opened in 1996 at the Joan Lehman Building, at 770 NE 125 Street, North Miami, a facility comprised of 23,000 square-feet, 7,500 square feet of gallery space and an additional 360 square feet of exhibition space for emerging artists projects in its Pavilion.

MOCA at Goldman Warehouse will open December 1, 2005, with "Cloud City," an exhibition by the emerging Miami art collaborative Friends With You, featuring an oversized, interactive playground and exhibit selection from their permanent collection, featuring works by Louise Bourgeois, Mariko Mori, Jason Rhoades, Dennis Oppenheim, Jorge Pardo, Dan Flavin and several Miami artists. The Wynwood annex will also house a branch of the MOCA gift shop.

The Goldman Collection, acquired over more than 30 years, contains paintings, sculpture, and photography, by artists that came to prominence in the late 1960s, including Color Field painters Jules Olitski, Larry Poons, Gerrald Webster, Peter Bradley, Friedel Dzubas and Joseph Drapell, and photographers Mosha Bracha and Shelby Lee Adams, among many others. The 60-70 works formerly housed at the Goldman Warehouse will now be stored in their residences in New York City's Soho and in Miami, according to Tony Goldman, to provide not only exhibition space but much-needed storage space for MOCA.

MOCA Chairman Irma Braman stated, "We express our deepest gratitude to Tony and Joey Goldman for their incredible foresight and generosity. Over the past 10 years MOCA's programs and reputation have become bigger than its physical structure. Thanks to Tony and Joey Goldman we now have a wonderful temporary solution to our current space constraints that provides MOCA with the means to house its growing permanent collection, provides the public greater access to portions of the collection year-round, and additional space to present projects by emerging artists."

MOCA Director Bonnie Clearwater added, "We are excited about the endless opportunities this space will provide for the next four years. Most importantly, it will endow the museum with breathing room as it works with the City of North Miami to develop strategic ways for MOCA to grow without losing the special qualities of this extraordinary institution such as its intimacy, accessibility, and innovative programs."

Goldman Properties' uncanny instinct for recognizing urban trends goes hand in hand with a creative approach to revitalizing down and out neighborhoods. The synergy of this multifaceted approach has become a company hallmark. They translate the pioneer's excitement of discovery and intelligent development into sound financial investment.

Maintaining offices in New York City, Miami Beach and Philadelphia, Goldman Properties and Goldman Real Estate provide property management, real estate construction, brokerage, marketing and sales, historic restoration, hospitality, urban neighborhood visioning and parking services. Please visit for further information.

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