Stone Street, New York

Stone Street and the Village of Wall Street was the perfect urban environment for Goldman Properties to transform the neighborhood. The area had all the right elements including great buildings, close proximity to transportation and critical mass. By day the area could see up to 400,000 people come through the streets. By night, the area was dead, devoid of street life and filled with the empty 1930’s buildings, left vacant from a decline in the economy. Life on Stone street began at 9am and ended at 5pm.

As part of the model to ignite the neighborhood, Goldman Properties opened Wall Street Kitchen and Bar to show there was a market for night life. This gave people a reason to stay in the area past 5pm and to come back during the weekends. Continuing with the model, the company worked to put lower Manhattan on the National Register of Historic Places. Doing this gave inherent respect and awareness for the neighborhood and brought upon a revival of life to the street. Today, Stone street is a vibrant, one of a kind, pedestrian only neighborhood that still emits the charm of its Dutch architecture but now is also packed with pubs, restaurants, bars and people filling the streets both day and night.