SoHo, New York

When Goldman Properties began its vision for New York’s Soho more than three decades ago, it knew that creating a vibrant street life would be the catalyst for the creation of a modern loft lifestyle, where individuals could live, work and play in close proximity. To effectuate this goal Goldman Properties opened Greene Street Café and Soho Kitchen and Bar as early igniters to the Soho district. As the restaurants took hold, this vision became a reality. Goldman Properties successfully took the loft lifestyle to new levels with spectacular luxury condominium projects such as the Lofts of Greene Street in Center Soho. Adding depth and commercial interest to these projects are the diverse retail tenants that complement the residential and office real estate. This concept literally became the cornerstone of Soho, bringing commerce, pedestrian traffic and financial success.

Goldman Properties did not stop with Soho. Heading south to Wall Street, Goldman Properties opened the Stone Street Tavern and the Lofts at 33 Rector Street; converting a once abandoned alley into an outdoor café district. In 2005, Goldman Properties put its years of experience to work building its finest residential loft project at 25 Bond Street.