Center City Philadelphia

While America’s founding fathers such as Benjamin Franklin and George Washington may have discovered Philadelphia via the waterways, Goldman Properties came upon the City of Brotherly Love on the train.

Developed over the last 13 years by pioneering Historic Preservation developer/neighborhood revitalizer, Goldman Properties, the ENERGY STAR® rated property is the most authentically "Philadelphia" building in Center City offering well differentiated commercial lofts and unique artistically curated public space for office users looking for a less traditional, yet still utilitarian place to work.

Working diligently Goldman Properties acquired 25 properties in total, from 1998 through 2003, all located in a two block radius extending from the corner of Sansom and South 13th Streets. A historic beauty we called the Philadelphia Building, an 18 story office building, became the centerpiece of the portfolio. Implementing strategic efforts to attract local entrepreneurs would bring uniqueness, color, flavor, energy and taste to the quaint oasis of turn of the century, one to six story buildings lining 13th street.

As a critical component to the Goldman Properties model the company, quickly established a hip vibe on the street and helped ignite a positive change to the neighborhood by opening a large scale restaurant called Trust. Soon after, the company was hand picking synergistic taste makers to open compatible, yet well differentiated boutiques, cafes, lounges, and other restaurants in our first floor spaces. Upper floors were attracting more from the “Creative Class,” including architects, public relations firms, web site designers, advertising and communication companies, and other arts, cultural, and technology related groups.

Today, this former red light district has been revitalized into a major dining and shopping destination. What once was the center of drug trafficking, blight and vacant storefronts, is now a vibrant, energy-producing mixed-use neighborhood more commonly referred to as Midtown Village.