Miami Beach

In 1985, Miami Beach was comprised of boarded-up buildings and desolate streets. It was known as Heaven's waiting room, aptly named for the multitude of pensioners you would find on rocking chairs outside the rundown buildings. With the vision of the American Riviera in hand, Goldman Properties started to strategically buy a critical mass of real estate located within the core of the Art Deco District. Goldman Properties bought eighteen buildings in 18 months, historically renovating each property with class, taste and purpose. The reopening of the formerly dilapidated Park Central Hotel signified that the Miami Beach renaissance was underway.

Leading the charge, Goldman Properties teamed up with local community and government leaders to help bring the vision of pedestrian street life to fruition, from widening the sidewalks on Ocean Drive and allowing for al fresco dining to starting a business improvement district that helped attract top-tier retailers to the area. The company's innovative development continued with the opening of The Hotel of South Beach and Ballet Valet, an award-winning public parking/retail facility. Today, Goldman Properties’ Miami Beach portfolio includes hotels, residential and retail spaces. To this day, the Goldman Properties company is considered the cornerstone of Miami Beach progress.