Jessica Goldman Srebnick CEO

New endeavors can at times be challenging, but they can also be thrilling. This is a historic time in the story of Goldman Properties. The true change from a founder led business to a second-generation led company. I was named the CEO of GP by my father on the 15 year anniversary of my employ. A moment of pride, a moment of accomplishment and a moment of deep honor that I will carry with me always. My father died 5 days later. He had built a company over 40 years that today is recognized as the go-to real estate company for the revitalization of at risk urban communities in the United States. Together with an exceptional team of professionals, we have used a multi faceted approach of innovative ideas that has resulted in the creation of thriving global destinations such as Soho, Miami Beach, Center City Philadelpia, and the Wynwood Arts District of Miami. Tony Goldman's DNA runs deep within our company. I have worked hard in every facet of our diverse business. I have studied his ways, I have created my own.

Marlo Courtney Senior Managing Director

I have proudly served on Goldman Properties Executive Management Team for over thirty years. My tenure began in New York City with the management of the Greene Street Café, Soho Kitchen and bar and Upstairs at Greene Street. Next, I shifted my attention to building management, commercial leasing and construction of several historic properties in Soho, New York.

In 1991, I relocated to Miami, and took on the responsibility of over $60 million in construction projects, including the 1999 ULI award winning Ballet Valet parking garage on Collins Avenue and 7th Street, the 20,000 square foot “mixed use Kenneth Cole Building” , the Armani Exchange building expansion and the Park Central Hotel and The Hotel construction and renovation.

Presently, my focus remains on the continued development of South Beach and Wynwood. I serve as the current Chairman of the Ocean Drive Association which Tony Goldman founded in 1994 and was the former Chairman of the Miami Beach Planning Board.

I have spent over 30 years dedicating my career to our mission of always bringing forth new and exciting “one of a kind” projects to “one of a kind” communities. Our founder Tony Goldman was my best friend and guided me to be the professional that I am today. I “live and love” this company and I will always be “A Goldman Property”.

Craig Grossman Senior Managing Director

I'm just a kid who was born in New York.
Grew up eating kosher, no pork.
I moved East of the River,
Where newspapers I would deliver,
One sister arrived via Stork.

From there it was college at Brandeis
Where Philosophy would be my device.
With grad school on the horizon
It was B-School upon my parents advice.

Then back to old NYC,
Where I received my MBA degree
It would be real estate development
I would make my decree.

As a young Goldman trainee,
working with my mentor Tony G,
I learned all the moves, and
Packed up and moved to Philly.

Center City Philadelphia became my new home, A wife, two kids, a new zone After more than 13 years I've found love, success, and Shalom.

Daniele Lomoriello Finance Director

Coincidence? Fate? Destiny? How can I explain the highly improbable event of my life trajectory intersecting that of the Goldman’s? But let’s proceed in order. My beginnings are rooted across the Atlantic Ocean in a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Capri. Early on I felt the joy inherent in extending hospitality to people from across the globe and decided that it would be my life pursuit. Ascending through the ranks, this quest brought me to the US shores and finally 15 years ago I was captured by the meaningful work of Goldman Properties. Its passion, humanity, social sensitivities, appreciation for the significance of history, architecture and the arts aligns perfectly with my own values. It has been and continues to be a most rewarding life experience.

Joseph Furst Managing Director-Wynwood

I graduated from Hamilton College in 2001 with a B.A. in Political Science and Economics. Continuing my studies brought me to at the University Of Miami School Of Law where I graduated in 2004. After practicing law for more than two years, I obtained a Masters in Real Estate (“MSRE”) from the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida.

My responsibilities include a focus on all development, financing, marketing and leasing initiatives for Goldman’s Wynwood portfolio. I serve as a board member of the Wynwood Arts District Association.

Working for Goldman Properties provides an opportunity to change neighborhoods and communities. Being a part of the transformation of Miami, where I was born and raised, is my passion. The line between work and pleasure is non-existent as Goldman Properties’ initiatives encompasses such a broad range of place making activities in the arts, hospitality and the physical space in which we live.

Zack Tagani Managing Director-New York

I joined Goldman Properties with a 14-year background in commercial real estate, acquisitions, brokerage, finance, construction and development, for companies such as Crescent Heights Development and World Wide Holdings. I had a passion for boutique, small scale, historic neighborhoods and I knew that Goldman Properties was the place for me.

I was hired in 2004 as Property Manager for the 190,000 square foot Soho Building and today I oversee the Goldman Properties Real Estate Soho and Wall Street portfolio of mixed use office, residential and commercial spaces.

While working with the Goldman Family I have learned much about the power of vision and passion. To create something innovative and one-of-a-kind you must take risks, trust in your own abilities and instincts, face challenges head on and be committed with a tireless work ethic.

Victor Sanchez Senior Project Manager

I have been a member of the Goldman properties family since 2006. I met Tony Goldman while attending the Columbia University Master’s in Real Estate Development and felt inspired by his vision to revitalize historic and urban neighborhoods. I currently manage the design, planning, and construction of projects in the Miami zone and collaborate actively with all team members to ensure Tony’s vision is carried out as intended. I have a degree in architecture from the University of Miami and am a Florida Certified General Contractor. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys.

Elizabeth Periche Human Resources Manager

Prior to joining Goldman Properties, I began my career as a human resources professional at the Fontainebleau Resorts assisting the director of human resources in all capabilities and managing a staff of 1000 team members. Other prior experiences include the Mandarin Oriental and Tecton Hospitality/Desires Hotel.

I joined Goldman Properties in 2011, and was charged with continuing and enhancing the Goldman philosophy of exceptional customer service with a focus on our internal customer, our employee. We have a strong culture of respect and loyalty and are fully engaged in the development of our teammates. As a human resources professional I take great pride in my role and contributions.